Insect Warfare - Evolved Into Obliteration

Here's a new vinyl release adapted from their Demo CD that ran out of circulation shortly before the release of 'World Extermination'. Apparently some people like this more than the actual album...but that's probably because people get so damned sick of listening to the actual album (for instance: Grey, Nirvana, Black Flag). There's not a whole lot of difference I can hear between the demo and the final record, besides from the mix sounding a little dirtier (and the drums sounding a fuckload better). Nonetheless--a cool thing to have:

Insect Warfare - Evolved Into Obliteration 12"



Alex said...

Hey Fred, I didn't realize you had a blog. Great stuff! Looking forward to new posts. Here's mine Sourlows.blogspot.com

guitar speed said...

I've been doing a little studying up on them and I like it - I'm going to check this out - thanks!

petrenkov said...

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