Downer Rock Genocide (Classic Rock Comp.)

This is a collection of forgotten classic rock bands from the late 60s and early 70s, passed onto me from another blog, probably Sludge Swamp or the like. It's something for the many fans of groups like Deep Purple, Zeppelin, Floyd, Sabbath, or Blue Cheer who've hit the wall, as it were, and are looking for something "new" to listen to. Most of these are bands who've faded into obscurity post-70s (including the original 'Iron Maiden' and previously posted 'Red Dirt'). They're toughies to track down, even on blogger....if you happen to find any of their full albums, gimme a shout-out. Roots of sludge, stoner, and all things rock right here:

Downer Rock Genocide
Part 1
Part 2



Anonymous said...

thanks - steve

Mars said...

I'm real big on this stuff - you should check out Tom D's top notch podcast 'The Hard Stuff' - it's a great way to get an idea about the killer over the filler. His psyche show "Inner-Head Flight Royale" is great, too!


Here's where you need to go to get full LP's






My #1 Heavy Psyche pick is
The Firebirds (aka 31 Flavors amongst others) "Light My Fire" & "Hair"- here's my write up along with a link to a Firebirds / 31 Flavors mega mix - trust me, this shit is HEAVY 60's SLUDGE easily up there with Blue Cheer:

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