Behold! The Monolith - Self Titled

This marks the lumbering, calculated, and none too soon return of LA's battle-geared 'Monolith'.This release follows their crushing, tersely unnamed EP, and shows no hint of the Battlestag slowing down anytime soon.

Little has changed since we've last heard from 'Behold! The Monolith'; they're still the ravenous metallic sludge-trompers we encountered earlier this year...and then some. With this new outing, they've displayed, moreso than before, a dynamic adaption between calm, war, and utter turmoil that proves the band is geared for growth in the future...for the better. They blend the buzz and rumble of High on Fire and RWAKE, with the artful progressive roots of bands like Mastodon; ultimately displaying the capability and courage to put aside the sludgehammer and ponder upon the smoother guitar licks. But when they do get heavy...they're relentless.

Behold! The Monolith - Self Titled (320 kbps)