Carcass - Complete Peel Sessions

I talked about Carcass a good while ago here, back when they originally started their "reunion" tour. Lucky for you, they're still on that very same tour and probably coming to a dive-bar near you, playing all of your favorite hits from Necroticism and Heartwork. How is it that Carcass is still doing this tour, but Sleep refuses to push their reunion beyond a couple dates in the UK? Does anyone care anymore?

...anyway--this is a complete collection of their John Peel recording sessions, dating from late '89 and '91. The entirety of the sessions wasn't circulated until their 'Best-of' album 'Choice Cuts' was released...and since most of you probably didn't bother with it, I packaged it on its own:

Carcass - The Complete Peel Sessions



Danger and Dissonance said...

Carcass is amazing. I'm so glad they did a reunion tour! The sessions sound really good.