Brothers of the Sonic Cloth - Early Demos

This band marks what I like to think of as the first real spiritual return to music for mammoth front-man Tad Doyle. The release of TAD's final album 'Infrared Riding Hood' was followed by a few years of uncertainty as members slowly dropped off to follow other projects and the powerful waves of the grunge movement started to recede from the banks of mainstream popularity. Kurt Danielson migrated off to France for a few years while Tad, after the release of his side project "Hog Molly", took a small hiatus from music and seemed to fade into obscurity. Many, as I did, probably assumed he had died from medical complications related to him brutally abusing his body during TADs reckless touring schedule from '89 to the mid-nineties.

Rest assured that Tad Doyle is alive and well, and now producing music with his new band 'Brothers of the Sonic Cloth'. 'Brothers' adapts a sound similar to Yob and The Christpunchers to Tad's natural songwriting talent, without sounding dated, and outmatching TAD in layers of grit and filth. They only produced 50 or so copies of their actual demo, for whatever reason, sometime last year. Tad has kept a close clamp down on the release on ANY of their material stating only:

We only made 50 copies of these beauties, and not a single copy more will leave hell and enter your little paws... this is because we think it's nice to have a very rare and limited collection of our first documented tracks with our new lineup. We brought and sold all 25 copies that we had available on our merch table, when we played Ash Street, last February 28th. We will have the remaining 25 for sale at our next few shows and they will go fast... no, really.

So, make sure to come early and pick up yours if you don't already have it, cause it goes without saying (though, we'll still say it) that you won't find any versions of these two songs on the internet, because, of course, nobody would dare put them up online for free download... right? Right. Please don't.
So, as you can see, Tad doesn't like the idea of any of their demos reaching any sort of circulation on the internet, and will probably request this be taken down within a few days of me posting this. I hope he'll take into consideration our intentions here and understand that there's a huge camp of people, me included, who will gladly follow his musical career to the ends of the earth...and I can't say that for many artists (see Chris Cornell). I also hope he might consider sending WMUC a copy of his bands demo, considering MINDGRINDER doesn't exactly have the funds to spring a ticket out to Seattle and buy a CD at one of their shows.

...anyway, 'Brothers of the Sonic Cloth' are planning, what I guess would be their first official release, a split 10" with Mico De Noche due to be released on Halloween of '09 with a distribution of 500 copies. Keep an eye on their myspace and Tad's blog for more news on that.

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth - Early Demos

and as a bonus, here are two TAD songs which were released separately as singles late in their career. The first 'Obsidian Lights' was recorded during the production of 'Infrared Riding Hood' and 'Kevorkian's Holiday' was a later single, dating around '98 or so. If anyone has the other halves of these singles, or a copy they're willing to sell, hit me up.

TAD - Late Singles


NOTE: These are early recordings the band made between 2005 and 2007. This is NOT the demo that was released in extremely limited quantities....still waiting for that one to surface.


geoisis said...

:D:D:D thank you so much for this.
i've been looking for it.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Fred you little bad-ass motherfucker you!

NICE WORK, for reals yo.

I took TAD out for some serious BBQ/Soul Food years ago in Ann Arbor, MI back in '89 I think it was.
Nirvana opened for them, and Cobain was too much of a wuss to smoke down with us after the show.

Anonymous said...

Chris Cornell is so dreamy.

muzach said...

Hey Fred, thanks for the Tad songs I didn't have! I don't have the b-sides but I did just post the Oppenheimer's Pretty Nightmare/Accident On the Way to Church 7" if you or anyone else is interested.

Great blog!

fred said...

Thanks a lot, man!

Chairmaker said...

Big thanks for this, I've been really looking forward to hearing these guys.

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