POWERVIOLENCE and Hardcore Christmas Drop

All Winners Here:

Noose - 2009 Demo (Winnipeg, Canada)
Eddie Brock - 2009 Demo ((superpowersviolence) from Baltimore)
Sylvester Staline - Gonna Spread Hard Drugs To Your Kids With the Royalties Gained From This... (France)
Kent Brockman - Crustcoreviolence EP (Germany)
I Decide - Spiking Drinks with Holy Water (DC Hardcore)

Old Familiars:
Magrudergrind / Sylvester Staline Split
Infest - Mankind 7"
Spazz / Floor Split
Hatred Surge - Isolated Human EP New EP!!

--fred (More later today)


Anonymous said...

listen to eddie brock

206-grind said...

Sylvester Staline fucking rule!

Anonymous said...

eddie brock rules! i decide are car kickers!

skndet said...

just fyi the i decide link was kinda fudged. a different link please?