Depressor - Splits and 7"s

Depressor is Sludge-Thrash from ????. Info on this band is hard to come by...but half the fun in listening to music is finding it, which is very much the case when it comes to Depressor. I've ran across a few splits and 7"s of theirs, along with a record by the band that pre-existed Depressor; Charger (like a more driving-hardcore version of Depressor). Rest assured these are all drum-machine free (and the crustiest most awesome shit you'll hear in awhile):

Self Titled 7"
Book of the Dead 7"
Depressor/Unholy Grave Split
Depressor/Agathocles Split

Charger - Wake Up! Call to Arms 7"



Lo-Res Viscera said...

Check my blog for a post on ACEPHALIX, a post-Depressor band.
The best-kept secret in SF, I tell you...
Good guys!

fred said...

Lo-Res always with the secrets

barger said...

great band. wish they still played around.

Alec L. said...