Low Threat Profile - Self Titled 7"

Self Titled 7" by Low Threat Profile (members of Crossed Out/Infest/Lack of Interest). Fast Hardcore packed into a 4 minute record...apparently took close to a decade for this to get released. You can pick it up at Celebrated Summer and probably a million places around the tubes for $15 or so.

Low Threat Profile - Self Titled

Also a heads up to those of you who like punk/grind but don't want to spend a shit-ton on CDs and records and whatnot (and don't mind the character that comes with cassettes), check out ThrashMouthRecords. I've already uploaded 4 or 5 tapes from their catalog, but you can get a handful of tapes for around 10 bucks with only 2 or 3 dollars shipping...all quality underground stuff. Plus, they just put out a GODSTOMPER/Dos Amigos split. They're good friendly dudes, check it out.



vengeance is mine said...

picked up a copy of this earlier today based on the line up and the good things i've heard on the blogs. can't wait to get home and give it a spin

Anonymous said...

Do you know what the exact line up is? I know its beattie from no comment singing and that's all I know for sure, but I didn't know it had anyone from crossed out and that's one if my all time favorite bands, I need to know the details!