Have you ever searched for a band and found nothing but gay porn?

I have explored the deadly crevasses of the internets to bring you this awesome side project "PORN (The Men Of)" founded by Dale Crover and Tim Moss. If you saw the Melvins live in early 2007, 2004 or anywhere in between there, chances are, you saw PORN...and were probably really fucking confused; some random dude moseys on stage wearing an Elvis get-up, giant black pompadour included, and jumps behind the drums, while another hairier (and angrier) looking gentleman stands in front of a stack with a wooden univox guitar dishing out feedback before ripping head first into their set. Dale plays along behind his kit, struggling to keep his giant black wig on and keep pace at the same time, while the crowd goes apeshit. Probably one of the best shows I've ever been to. But ANYWAY--like I was saying, I managed to get my mitts on three of their albums....

Think Old Grandad mixed with EyeHateGod:
Experiments in Feedback
Porn--American Style
Wine, Women and Song

Watch yer step



Christopher Berry said...

You get similar results looking up the band Sex Vid, but they don't have a Myspace or a website or anything.

problem said...