5.19.08 Playlist **LAST SHOW**

Playlist for 5/19/08:

High on Fire - The Face Of Oblivion
Boris - Blackout
G.G. Allin - Murder for the Mission
EYEHATEGOD - Left To Starve
Acid Bath - Bleed Me An Ocean
PENTAGRAM - Lazylady
The Jesus Lizard - Mouth Breather
Goblin Cock - Kegrath The Dragon Killer
Monster Magnet - Medicine
Mama Tick - Horsedoctor
Slughog - Left
Shank - Stink of Exist
Shank - Adhesive the Equipment
Gride - Manipulance
Shellac - Crow
Gored - Mechanisms
Christpunchers - Cutty
Orange Goblin - Vagrant Stomp
Sleep - Dragonaut
Cows - Organized Meat
TAD - Behemoth
Slint - Good Morning Captain
Dystopia - Green Destroyed
Tone - Confidence and Progress

This is the last one, guys: download it here.

Also--in the process of moving, won't have internet for a bit, be back in a week hopefully...