Depressor - Symbols

One Part Crust--another part Death Metal--sprinkle on some Doom, drum machines, and Sepultura...and you've got yourself some Depressor. There's not a whole lot I can say about the band...they definitely got themselves a niche with the drum machine...albeit it's a little grating at moments (with all that dinky "chinking" and "tinking"), but overall it's a good, thrashy, brutal opus. Check it:

Depressor - Symbols

(yell at me if you've got any of their other stuff)



Apoctosis said...

Depressor: An even more pissed off Godflesh...

balbulus said...

Awesome band, their "Book Of The Dead" 7" is available to download here:


Less industrial, more Death/Crust than before. Amazing.

No Funeral said...

I have their S/T 7" from 1999. I'll post it on my blog. E-mail me for more info.