Totimoshi - Monolí

I'm uploading this for Trey, even though he's a flight-of-stairs distance away from me, I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a new post on the blog. That, and I'm lazy.

Totimoshi is old guy sludge. You know, like the Melvins. But HEAVIER. The music has this sort of menacing quality to it...the guitarist squeezes words from his throat in a frugal manner, kind of holding onto each note 'til meaning is lost, while on other tracks, words are spewed like napalm. Guitar styles range from noodly off-kilter riffs that hold the track together to sand-papery 111-444-55-44 palm muted riffs that lurk their way through most of the record. Download this, you won't hate me for it.

Totimoshi - Monoli


Anonymous said...

thanks, great band.