Dystopia - Self Titled

This is Dystopia's final album, released mid last year in 2008. This album represents a different time in the band, as opposed to '98's "Aftermath" and '94's "Human = Garbage". Some might believe that something was lost in the the creation of this album, whether it be the angst, hatred, anger, energy, or even the level of creativity--but I am one to believe that all of these things just manifested a bit differently on this record.

The band has matured over the past 10 years since we've last seen them, with this album having a different but still overt relationship with their previous albums. Dino's (drums, vox) vocals are worn from years of screeching, and Parillo (guitars, vox) has slipped into an exasperated throaty death call that contrasts his more youthful growls from 'Human'. The songs are generally slower and burgeoning, excluding 'Illusion to Love', which harkens back to their blastbeat days of yore. All the hatred and misanthropy of years past still exists here, muddled in between deep guitar tones and a strong, yet lassitudinous, Dino preaching testaments of our world gone to shit, hopeless human beings wandering aimlessly, and the lies and broken promises we all realize in our later lifetimes. Nothing at all has been lost, just matured and fermented. This is not a record of 'loose ends' from the conclusion of their career, but rather a final grim reflection on our world, finally scribing the final chapter on Dystopia.

I can't envision a greater way of going out:

Dystopia - Self Titled



Lo-Res Viscera said...

Glad that worked out for you, holmes.

Dystopia was always about ugly - a beauty in it for sure though. I love all their output.