MINDGRINDER - Projecting an Image of Success!

So things were all sunny and right in the world of MINDGRINDER last week...til we actually got the station Tuesday night. Oblivious to our knowledge, until right before we went on, the "Auxiliary" cable, which allows us to use our fancy (and busted ass) iPods during our show was out of commission, or in better description, was only playing sound through the left channel. Our immediate plan was, of course, to follow through with the show anyway and just dub it 'MONOGRINDER' to give it some sort of legitimacy (and novelty, albeit a very small one). However, when coupled with a couple friends who either just happened to be at the station, or came by to sit in for the show, an entirely different type of show was spawned.

2 Hours of Eldis (Pussyhawk Live) talking about his cardigan, Pope John Paul II, GG Allin, and an excellent bout of improv from a kind sport in CR2 (WMUC2 internet stream), mixed with interludes from a ton of 80s bands I've never heard of/never want to hear again. Needless to say, we had fun, but judging from our list of online listeners (which was consistently zero, apart from the 'stream-ripper'), I'm guessing we didn't really appeal to our listeners all that much with our showing.

ANYWAYYY, I'm writing all of this bullshit just to say that the problem with our soundboard has been...treated, and we should be able to move ahead as planned tomorrow night, and play the music we intended to play last week before the station decided to be a piece of shit and break. LISTEN, for fucks sake--us being on the air is pointless if we don't have anyone tuning in:

Tuesdays 10pm-12am (eastern time)
streaming over the internet at wmucradio.com
stream link: http://wmucradio.com/wmuc-high.m3u

Preview of things to come: NOOTHGRUSH, Grief, dISEMBOWELMENT, Dystopia, Grey, PENTAGRAM....



Trey said...

What you know about cunt farts?!

Eldis said...

let the record show that amy talked about me talking about my cardigan way more than i talked about my cardigan.