NIRVANA - (Smells Like Teen Spirit - Lithium - Heart Shaped Box Singles)

While I was home in Baltimore over the weekend, besides from being sick as shit and hating consciousness, I managed to finally get around to ripping some of my CDs, which were lost in the great Hard Drive blowout of '08. Most of my CDs, or 'legally owned music', were bought throughout High School and during my time working at RTT (Record and Tape Traders), and I did happen to run across some pretty cool stuff, which I'll start uploading over the next few weeks.

Included in this post are three separate NIRVANA singles from their heyday; Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991), Lithium (1992), and Heart Shaped Box (1993). None of these are rare--nor contain any unreleased material (as of 2004), and they typically come in a boxed set titled the 'Singles Collection', but I got to collect them the fun way; one by one. Pretty sure I'm missing a couple....whatever, fuck it:

Smells Like Teen Spirit Single
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Even In His Youth

Lithium Single
Been a Son

Heart Shaped Box Single
Heart Shaped Box
Milk It


EDIT: just some stuff I forgot to mention...

on the 'SLTS' single: 'Even in His Youth' is a different studio version than what was released on 'With the Lights Out'. Also, that copy of 'Aneurysm' is a better quality version than the mix released on 'Incesticide'. Go figure.

on the 'Lithium' single: That 'Been a Son' track is live, from 1991, I think.

on the 'HSB' single: 'Marigold' was Grohl's first substantial musical input in the band, besides from the riff and the beat from 'Scentless Apprentice'. Then Cobain blew his brains out and Dave never got the chance to share any more of his music with the band. Good on you Kurt.


fred said...

oh yeah


Apoctosis said...

"mmm water", "this cigarette is mah eye", "shit man" - Nirvana

DaveL said...

anyone have any idea if SLTS will be on rock band?


fred said...

who gives a shit? song sucks and so do video games.

DaveL said...

song likeability is personal, but come on, air guitar, drums or actual fake guitar, etc.?

fred said...

hehe, I've watched Trey play Guitar Hero 2 for hours on end. Noooo thank you.

Nonetheless, to actually answer your question--I'm pretty sure whatsherface from Hole sold them the rights to use the entire record in the game.

Anonymous said...

Who's fault is it that YOU were watching ME. I didn't prop your eyelids up. You're just bitter.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, man

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