Nocnitsa Demos + Reupped Talking Head Performance

Bleak Metal from Baltimore, MD. They've recorded one cassette demo, and are currently in the works of producing their first album. The tape demo is 30 minutes long and features both songs recorded from their April '08 Talking Head Club Performance, as well as some more macabre acoustic and percussive tracks recorded outdoors:

2007/08 Cassette Demo

A little while back Mediafire decided to get fresh and delete my upload of Nocnitsa's show at the Talking Head Club last year, so here's a reupp:

Nocnitsa @ The Talking Head Club April 21st, 2008

And for the hell of it, here's a song from Blodtorste's demo, which was essentially made up of Nocnitsa's original line-up:

Blodtorste - Bleed For the Count

They've got a show coming up next month with Locrian, Corporeal, and The New Flesh July 8th at the Talking Head Club in Baltimore, MD (off of Saratoga), as well as a show with Corporeal and Ludicra in August (details to come in soon).