Math Rock Super-Post

So I got to thinkin', since we haven't posted sludge in awhile... I'd post some more things that have nothing to do with sludge. Here are some of my favorite math bands:

Tera Melos:
I think a lot of people overlook this band, though their split album with By The End of Tonight has been making the rounds on the interwebs. Don't be fooled by the electronic opening, these guys will rock your balls off if you have the patience. Lots of stop-start jazz wackiness and some really inventive song-titles (Melody 2 is pretty catchy but I'm partial to Melody 4). The ridiculous time-signatures are offset by the warm quality of the music (Think Meshuggah's optimistic younger sister, who doesn't like metal or Phillip Glass as much but they still hang out because they came from the same vagina) Probably one of the more impenetrable yet likable bands I've ever listened to.

Tera Melos - Tera Melos (2005)

And here's that split album I mentioned, it too is good. If you have a chance to check out By The End of Tonight, I definitely suggest you do. Their material on this split is quality, and Tribute to Tigers (not seen here) is absolutely flawless:

Tera Melos/By The End of Tonight - Complex Full of Phantoms

In regards to playing style, these guys have a lot in common with Tera Melos. However, they are nowhere near as warm and upbeat as Tera Melos. The production is noisy, and the shifts in dynamics are more erratic and messy. This is not a criticism, however, as these qualities are what make Ahleuchatistas such an entertaining band. The name says it all: Jazz + Mexican Revolution. Definitely not for when you have a headache.

Ahleuchatistas - The Same and the Other (2004 Re-issue)


Another one of those goddamn math rock bands that think dressing up in silly costumes makes people like you more. If Lightning Bolt/Mindflayer/Black Pus taught us anything it's that... it works. Planets is a two man group (Bass and Drums, what else?) that play their live shows dressed up in white alien jumpsuits, however they are oddly composed most of the time. No theatrics here, just awesome instrumental math rock. One thing that I must draw to your attention is just how fucking catchy this band is. The music doesn't just shift directions, it grooves and flows in and out, and these guys just make it sound so easy. They don't seem as concerned with throwing in tricky-ness as they do with trying to get your head to bob while maintaining originality. Really, and I don't say this often (except for with Krallice...), this is one the best albums to come out this year. Buy this shit for sure if you like it.

Planets - Planets (2008)

Man, where do I even start... Well, Colin Marston recently joined the band, so that's pretty sweet. Basically, this band combines everything good about all of the above bands. Instrumental (really, vocals just mess up music like this), jazzy but not over-the-top, calm and collected but still hard as a blind man in a fish market. Finally, and most importantly, Colin Marston is now in the band. This album speaks for itself, and you really must buy it. But you're not going to buy it are you, you ungrateful bastard? So here you go, enjoy it before Lars comes to your house to rapes you over 10 dollars.

Dysrhythmia - Barriers and Passages (2006)