Napalm Death - Scum, Obliteration (Enslavement)

It's been a little while without a real update around here...we're both kind of swamped intermittently with school work and projects and I'm still attempting to rebuild my music library. We've also been busting our asses to get this Third Rail thing into gear (WHICH YOU SHOULD COME TO). Anyway--

These are Napalm Death's first two albums:
From Enslavement To Obliteration

Some of grindcore at it's earliest and finest...there's tons of worthless trivial details based around this band that I won't go into, but I will state these things:
-They DEFINED grindcore.
-They formed in the early 80s and were influenced by anarcho-punk and post-punk bands, most noted were Rudimentary Peni, Crass, SWANS, and Amebix.
-Bill Steer WAS in the band, but only for two years (keep in mind they had already existed for half a decade at that point), then promptly left to turn his full attention to CARCASS.

If you like this, you might want to check out Hasan's post on grindcore "supergroup" Venomous Concept, which features members from the Melvins, Brutal Truth, and Napalm Death over at Death By Hanger.

Did I mention the show tonight is FREE??
6PM-9PM (3 Hours before the Magrudergrind show in DC), FREE, two awesome bands--Black Skies from NC, DEATHAMMER from Baltimore, FREE, and so on.

Have trouble getting to the University of Maryland's Campus or not know how to?

Whether you're coming from the north or south, you'll want to be on 95. You want to take the 495 exit headed towards Silver Spring/Bethesda/US-1/College Park. After that, you'll take an exit on the left towards US-1/College Park/Weight Station/Carpool, and then take the exit (most likely on the right) towards US-1/College Park. From there merge onto 495 east, then take the Baltimore Avenue/US-1 exit. So, you're going to turn a slight right onto Route 1 and follow the road 'til you get to paint branch/campus drive, which you'll take a right on, and enter the campus.

From there, follow this map I've made:

Have problems? Call WMUC @ (301)314-8800 and ask for Fred or Scotty.

See you there