Every once in a grymn moon one band breaches from the underground and shakes the Earth to it's core. This band is no exception. ABBA formed in the early 70s and made their way to becoming progenitors of Swedish Brutal-Black Death Metal. Offering a blend of twisted and maniacal lyrics (One more look and I forget everything, w-o-o-o-oh *death growl*), and devastating face melting keyboard melodies, ABBA will make you wish you were never born. Classic Metal hits, such as "Ripped From the Womb", "I Wanna Fuck Your Wounds (premature emasculation)", and "Trapped in a Room (with a chainsaw)", have been recently remastered and set for release on DiabolicalDeth Records in 2009--however WE have the exclusive.

ABBA - Woundfucker (EP)

Lick it up.


Andrew H said...

Hahaha, best April Fool's I've seen all day

Andrew H said...

so not to burst the fun, but what's the second song? (the cover art for 1st and 3rd song came up on itunes)

fred said...

The second song is "You Have Cancer" by Anal Cunt.