The Whip

Here's a band formed by Jared Warren and Scott Jernigan of KARP, as well as Joe Preston (of every sludge band you've ever liked). They only existed for around a year, or possibly less, before 'The Whip' came to a complete halt following the accidental and untimely death of Jernigan. Here we have their only official release, a 7-inch released on Wantage Records (check left sidebar), as well as a small collection of loose-ends, including two untitled tracks and a cover of Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy".

Don't get this confused with that hipster electro garbage:

The Whip



Weapon - Para Bhakti...Salvation EP + Violated Hejab EP

Orthodox Black Metal from Canada (Edmonton, Alberta). They just released their first full length on Tape and LP. Buy that here.

These are two of their EPs, released in 2005 and 2008, respectively:

Violated Hejab EP
Para Bhakti...Salvation EP



Disassemble - Demogrinder

If this baby-eating motherfucker could be represented through sound...he would be Disassemble.

Local (for us), Baltimore based grindcore. This 2008 demo counts as their first release, and it's not a bad foot to start out on. Mix the emotion of 'Dystopia' with the thrashviolence of Magrudergrind, and you've got Disassemble. I still haven't gotten the chance to catch them live yet, but I met Kyle, Billy, and Kevin a little while back. Cool dudes:

Disassemble - Demogrinder (2008)

Eating Glass - Feed Them To The Vultures

Canook (Southern Ontario) Thrashcore, complete with flowered chest tattoos and blastbeats. Track after track is a crunchy misanthropic exploration played at light-speed. You can hear the skin being shred off of this dude's esophagus.

8 Tracks, 11 minutes:

Eating Glass - Feed Them To The Vultures


Ramesses - Misanthropic Alchemy

Ramesses is Blackened-Doom-Sludge from Dorset, England. The band holds two ex-members from 'Electric Wizard', another Dorset-based Doom Metal band. They left the band in 2003 a few years after recording 'Dopethrone', leaving Jus Osborn as the only founding member still in the band.

Ramesses - Misanthropic Alchemy


User Requested Reupp: CLOUDS - Legendary Demo

Here's a reupload of CLOUDS' debut release 'Legendary Demo'. I got around to actually seeing CLOUDS, probably sometime around when I made that original post...I left pretty unimpressed. Their second album was a pretty dull release; where the first album had energy, the second album replaced it with typical indie bullshit. Band is way up there on the meh-factor for me right now.

'CLOUDS - Legendary Demo' Post

Here's a similar band that is much more worth your time:


(and they do a much better cover of 'Willie the Pimp')


Twin Threats To Your Sanity 2x7"

Double Split album released back in 2001 featuring a live performance of 'Diary of a Battered Child' by Dystopia, a cover of 'Procreation of the Wicked' by NOOTHGRUSH, a live version of 'Gestation' by Bongzilla, and 'Nieve' by Japanese sludge-doomers Corrupted.

Twin Threats to Your Sanity 2x7"


Red Dirt - Self Titled LP

Red Dirt is an (extremely) obscure UK psychedelic blues rock band that both formed and evaporated in 1970. This album represents their only output before their presence was smothered by the hundreds of other so-so blues rock acts that existed in the country at the time. While most of this album, besides from the opening track and the one that follows it, tends to be a little dull or uninventive by late 60s/early 70s standards, this band, at the very least, is a breath of fresh air compared to the trite 'high-school' psych rock acts that flood clubs and basements nowadays, peddling their best, albeit very poor, Black Angels/Witchcraft/Doors/Zeppelin impressions to the gaping maws of kids who would much rather play dress-up and pretend their the next wave of the Flower Children, than get with the fucking program, get a fucking job, and stop living off of their parents.


Red Dirt - Self Titled LP


User Requested Reupp: Slint - Spiderland

Here's a reupload requested by one of our readers...apparently mediafire took the link down a little after we made the post. Trey, being as typically volatile as Trey is, deleted the album off of his hard drive in disgust shortly afterwards, and probably set his laptop on fire. We usually prefer to roll into a fetal position or retreat at any sign of legal trouble...but in a contrasting movement, I found a better quality rip of the album and uploaded it for your disposal:

'Slint - Spiderland' Post



Dark Castle - Spirited Migration

Sludge-Doom two-piece from Florida with female fronted vocals ala Grey. Heavy shit; atmospheric in the vein of RWAKE:

Dark Castle - Spirited Migration

Black Skies - Aqua Dogs/Family Man 7"

Here's a glimpse at the band when they first started--before Cameron joined as their drummer. Aqua Dogs is an abrasive stoned-out sludge swim you'd expect from the band nowadays, while Family Man is a 3 and a half minute rollicking instrumental jam. You can buy the record straight from the source through paypal off of their myspace.


This one's a personal vinyl rip:
Black Skies - Aqua Dogs / Family Man 7"


Black Skies at WMUC (11/23/08)

I've been meaning to post this among a few other things for a good while now...this is an on-air recording of Black Skies' performance, as well as an interview (with us), here at WMUC late last year. Kevin was "Rock Hard", Trey and Cam made a love connection, and Michelle played with Sonny's Big Muff (DEATHAMMER). Good show, good times:

Black Skies Live @ WMUC 11.23.08

In case you want to hear the rest of the show featuring DEATHAMMER's set and hilarious interview, check it out here.



Black Skies - Hexagon EP

Black Skies is a Sludge Rock band hailing from Chapel Hill, NC. I'm pretty sure they've only released two 7"s and one EP, of which has proved itself pretty popular on the stoner/sludge blogosphere thus far. Black Skies plays straight-ahead sludged-out rock, not unlike 'High on Fire', with the grittier (and LOUD) sensibilities of 'Jucifer'.

I could go on forever about how awesome the band is and what great people they are...but you probably don't want to read that. I will say however that they have recently released their EP on Vinyl in very limited quantities, so pick it up while you still can:

Buy their LP

Black Skies - Hexagon (320 kbps)


Dead Pegasus - Self Titled

Here's a hardworking DIY group from Philly. Dead Pegasus plays a sort of heavy alternative rock/sludge that hasn't really been crafted since the late 90s. Sounds like RATM (don't stop reading) jammed in a blender with Saviours, with little bits of High on Fire sprinkled on top. Give these guys some love:

Dead Pegasus - Self Titled

Black Cobra

Here's a sludge two-piece project based in San Francisco, CA formed by Jason Landrian (Cavity) and Rafael Martinez (ex-16, Acid King). They mix the low frequency buzz of Floor with the exuberance of KARP and wrap it all up in dissonance to give you the neat little package that is 'Black Cobra'. This is their first full length album, released back in 2006:

Black Cobra - Bestial



High Tone Son of a Bitch

'High Tone Son of a Bitch' is a stoner rock band from Oakland, California featuring past members from Cruevo, Noothgrush, Porn (The Men of), and Totimoshi. They stuck around long enough to release one 4-track single produced by Alex Newport (of Fudge Tunnel and Max Cavalera-project Nailbomb, as well as producer of a fuck-ton of other bands like Sepultura, the Melvins, SOAD, Mars Volta, Taint, and others).

High Tone Son of a Bitch - Better You Than Me

Nocnitsa Demos + Reupped Talking Head Performance

Bleak Metal from Baltimore, MD. They've recorded one cassette demo, and are currently in the works of producing their first album. The tape demo is 30 minutes long and features both songs recorded from their April '08 Talking Head Club Performance, as well as some more macabre acoustic and percussive tracks recorded outdoors:

2007/08 Cassette Demo

A little while back Mediafire decided to get fresh and delete my upload of Nocnitsa's show at the Talking Head Club last year, so here's a reupp:

Nocnitsa @ The Talking Head Club April 21st, 2008

And for the hell of it, here's a song from Blodtorste's demo, which was essentially made up of Nocnitsa's original line-up:

Blodtorste - Bleed For the Count

They've got a show coming up next month with Locrian, Corporeal, and The New Flesh July 8th at the Talking Head Club in Baltimore, MD (off of Saratoga), as well as a show with Corporeal and Ludicra in August (details to come in soon).



Black Skies tearing it up at SXSW



This is Dishammer from Madrid, Spain. Band adopts a crusty-gallop comparable to Darkthrone and mixes it with some blackened-thrash. Reminds me of that Black Goat I posted a little while back (which all of you should listen to). I think what I'm trying to say is--these guys sounds a lot like Darkthrone...and that's not a bad thing. Cool band.

Dishammer - Vintage Addiction