Waste of Talent

Every once in awhile, a band or record label will, by some miracle of idealism or stupidity, offer up music entirely free. We saw this with the Jaked Off Shorts and Loaded Heads album which you can still find a link to here

Well, we here at MINDGRINDER don't like ripping off the artists that we enjoy, we just can't afford them. That's why whenever we find good, legally free music we try to share it with you. And, when we have money and an artist that deserves our money, we buy the album (Alright, now I'm done moralizing).

So here's a wonderful band that belongs to Misantrof Anti records, a label that offers it's musicians full rights to the music they create. Ain't the internet great?! This here is "Waste of Talent", self-purported misanthropic, nihilists who got tired of waiting for the world to end. This stuff is AWESOME.

Here's the link to the band's website where you can download the stuff directly from them. If you like the music, you can donate some money via paypal to them for all their hard work. I just gave them 5 bucks, seriously. Even if it's just a buck or two, we should all support artists that do this kind of thing because they're few and far between.


fred said...

You just bought those guys a hamburger.

Anonymous said...

or a sixer of Natty

Anonymous said...

oh wait, do they have natty in Norway?

fred said...

That could've been OUR beer. What the hell is wrong with you?

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